Pinpointing Targets When Metal Detecting

There is no wrong method for pinpointing targets. Whatever method one finds comfortable and repeatable and successful is correct for that person.

For a person with electronic pinpointing features in his detector one of the easiest methods is: Having acquired a target acceptable for recovery; To the side of the target set the coil on the ground, press and hold the pinpoint switch or touchpad, slide the coil across the target while being sure that the coil maintains contact with the surface of the ground. At the point where the audio signal is loudest or the meter reading is most elevated you will find that the target is beneath the center of the searchcoil. When using a DD searchcoil the process is the same, but remember to pinpoint on the heel or the toe of the coil.

Without the electronic pinpointing feature there is little difference except that the searchcoil must be moving, slowly is suggested, as the target is passed over. Many like to” X” the target while listening for the loudest, sharpest audio increase. With this method one must correlate between the audio increase and the position of the coil above the ground. This may seem to be less accurate or more difficult to achieve but please be assured it is not necessarily so.

Pinpointing is an acquired skill. What works for you is correct. Practice and gain Proficiency.

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