Metal Detector Search Coil Sizes

Metal detector search coil sizes. Why are there so many ?

The size of the detector search coil is very important. Each coil size is particularly suited to finding specific objects such as gold, coin, relics, or underwater targets. When deciding the size of coil to be used, you must consider three things:

  1. The nature and size of the target
  2. The depth at which you anticipate finding your target
  3. The degree of soil mineralization

A small coin will be much more sensitive, and able to detect very small objects. However, it will not be very effective in detecting larger objects at depth. Conversely, a large coil will achieve greater detection depth, but will overlook the smaller objects nearer the ground surface. Traditionally double d coils are more effective in mineralized conditions than concentric coils. Always be aware of the soil conditions in your hunting area. 

 If you have a local detecting club it is an excellent idea to join. Members freely share information and this is a great place to pick up tips and listen to some entertaining stories.

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